Which Car To Buy – Used Or New?

Are you confused whether to buy a new car or a used one? It is very tempting to buy a new car, but the fact is that the number of users buying a used renault in Merseyside is more than those buying new ones. Though both used and new cars have lots of benefits as well as drawbacks, the used car sales figures are much better as per reports published by www.smmt.co.uk/category/vehicle-data/used-car-sales-figures/. But buying a car will be ultimately decided by your budget as well as various other factors like use of the vehicle, EMI you can afford to pay, etc.
Read below to find the benefits and drawbacks of both the used and old cars based on which you can make decisions on the purchase.

New cars: Many benefits can be had by purchasing a new car. The buyers will not only get the specifications that they desire but also get the manufacturer warranty and other add-ons that they provide along with offers that make for a sweet deal. Moreover, you will not have to worry about the previous history of the car and the owner. The other advantage of new vehicles is that you get to use the latest technology which offers better mileage, more safety features and eco-friendly variants which cannot be undervalued. Latest vehicles have the best safety features that can be life-saving when you are in an emergency situation.

Used cars: As mentioned earlier, used cars are more sold than new vehicles. The most prominent advantage in used cars is that there is greater variety regarding choice. But perhaps the most significant factor that attracts users to buy used cars is the price. It is a well-known fact that new cars depreciate very quickly. In fact, when it is driven out of the showroom, the value of the car reduces by a whopping 20%. By the end of three years, the cars lose up to 50% of the price at which it is purchased. On top of it, manufacturers are providing factory warranties for a more extended period which is an excellent plus for used car market. That ensures that the used car owner is not worried about the state of the vehicle.
The primary disadvantage of the used car is that of the car’s history. Many dealers tamper with the mileage, and hence you should ensure to purchase from a reputed dealer who provides manufacturer’s warranty. Look for vehicles which have a service history recorded from the date of first purchase till the time you buy it.

Almost new cars: This is an option which is the best option if you cannot afford the latest model but do not want to buy very old ones either. The primary advantage is that it is a nearly new car, but you are paying the depreciated value and hence excellent value for your money. Moreover, the number of miles covered will be less and will still look like new.
The significant disadvantage is that car’s resale value will be less as there is an extra name on the registration. Also, the choices of models that are on offer are even less.

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