The Advantages Of Building A Second Storey To Your House

You might have had to build a single storied house in the beginning years ago. Maybe at that time, a single storey was more than enough for you. But now, as the years progress, the family expands, and new members are added to the family. You have kids, they grow up, and they need to shift to new rooms. As needs increase, your old one-storey house starts to become insufficient, and space constraint starts to become an issue. In such cases, it is always better to take the services of experts like Addstyle and add a second storey to your home. You can also find great ideas to expand your home on Here are some of the great advantages of adding a second storey:

Chance To Modify Your House
Ever thought, ‘if I can get one more chance to modify my house’? A second storey helps you achieve exactly that! The main advantage of a second storey is that you can design it exactly the way you want. You can set up a large family living room for the whole family to sit and have fun. You can opt for a gym, a library or even a swimming pool. The choice is entirely yours. You can also go for a universal design and keep up with the current trend.

Changes To The First Floor
When you build the second floor, obviously it will need structural supports from below. Hence, the first floor will also have to be changed in some aspects. Take this opportunity to make some changes you’ve always wanted to make to the first floor. If these changes were done separately, it would be costlier. But here, you have to change the structural components of the first floor. Hence, it becomes a great opportunity to completely change the house and add all the rooms you wished for at a very nominal price. You can improve the sizes of existing rooms, add some new rooms, remove the unused ones and so on. You can even change the windows, raise the height of ceilings or create new passages. The fact is that we only tend to notice some faults and insufficiencies of the built house after we start living in it. The addition of a second storey gives you a second chance to remove all those faults and insufficiencies.

No Need To Move To An Entirely New Place
Sometimes when the room sizes and facilities start to feel insufficient, you are forced to move to another house. You might not get a new house nearby. You will have to move to a distant location and that means you will have to leave your lovely neighborhood, your friends and well-wishers you had lived close to for many years. The kids will also find it hard to adjust to new surroundings, new schools and a new set of friends.

If you are opting for a second storey, you need not worry about a total transfer to an entirely new place. You can stay in the same house and make the necessary changes to it to add the spaces and rooms you require. No need to worry about school admissions and shifting processes when you simply add a new floor. You get all the facilities you need living at the same home which is a dream come true for many. This point is regarded as one of the best reasons people opt for building a second storey rather than looking for an entirely new home.

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