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Vaillant Boilers Review

Vaillant is a company who has around 135 years experience in the business of supplying heating to your home. As a leading heating technology manufacturer, Vaillant produce products which are energy efficient and reliable. The high-quality standards of the products of Vaillant, mean you can enjoy a higher degree of peace of mind. One of the products supplied by Vaillant, are Vaillant Boilers, which are available in a wide range of styles and models.

One of the models of Vaillant Boilers are the combination boilers. The ecoTEC plus 937 is one of the popular brands of boilers and is suited to larger properties, which may have higher hot water demands. This boiler type has an SEDBUK rating of ‘A’, which means it is highly efficient and reliable. The heating output of this is 28kW, and it is better for the environment than many others. This boiler has a warranty of two years, which will give you additional piece of mind.

The EcoTEC exclusive combination boiler also comes with a highly efficient SEDBUK rating of ‘An’ and a three-year warranty. It is also highly economical and efficient, meaning it is better for the environment. This simple Vaillant Boiler is easy to install, so you won’t need too much expertise in this department.

Another combination boiler supplied by Vaillant is the EcoTEC plus. As with the others, this Vaillant Boiler also has a highly efficient SEDBUK ‘A’ rating and has a two-year warranty. This type of boiler is known for its excellent hot water performance, combined with the fact that it is better for the environment than many other combination boilers on the market. The EcoTEC pro is a model which is ideal for smaller, one bedroom properties. It is very easy to install and is available with a one year warranty.

If you are looking for a system boiler, you can also find these in the Vaillant collection. The EcoTEC plus system boiler is just one of these and is particularly suited to properties which accommodate more than one bathroom. With these models, there is no need for an expansion tank, and they will provide hot water to several different outlets. The EcoTEC open vent Vaillant Boiler is a reliable and environmentally friendly model, which is connected to two tanks in your loft.

Vaillant Boilers are renowned for the fact that they are better for the environment and can be more reliable than many others, giving you extra peace of mind. If you want to save yourself some money on your utility bills, then Vaillant Boilers will be sure to help out with this. The boilers are at an affordable cost, and will save you money in the long run.