7 Sure Signs Of Elderly Abuse


One in every ten seniors are subjected to abuse in a nursing home, and these incidents go unreported due to fear or stigma attached. If you know of any older adult being subjected to harassment or exploitation, get in touch with Powers & Santola, LLP after you familiarize yourself with the laws at www.livelaw.in. There are interviews and top stories that will empower you with the knowledge relating to personal injuries law.

It is saddening to know that only 1 in every 14 cases is reported to authorities, as cited by sources at National Council on Aging (NCOA). If you thought a black eye and a broken arm were the signs of elderly abuse, you should look out for other subtle hints like broken bones, burns, bedsores and unusual weight loss.

Elderly care homes receive funds from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) which has a prescribed set of rules for a nursing home to be recognized. Failure to meet the criteria or if the elderly care centers are found in violation of the law, they are subject to penalization.

Symptoms Of Elderly Abuse
Older people who stay with the victim may feel hesitant to report the problem, Keep your eyes open and look for these changes so you can ensure that your loved ones are safe.

Physical changes- It can be failing health, bad temper, poor hygiene, weakness or presence of bed sores on their body. These are clear signs that the person is neglected and must be reported immediately.

Sedated- How does your loved one respond when you visit them? Are they overjoyed to see you or are they unresponsive and inebriated? Ask them if there have been any changes in medication that has resulted in such a condition.

Shortage of staff- When you place an elderly in the hands of an assisted living, you are only hoping that the money you spent will be put to good use. The Higher staff-to-resident ratio can escalate the problem of elder abuse and neglect. If you notice that the staff members have diminished in number, get in touch with the concerned authority and raise an issue with them.

Poor hygiene- There is no reason or excuse for an assisted living center to be unsanitary as it can lead to infections among the residents.

Financial exploitation- Elder abuse does not necessarily mean physical injuries. An elderly are at an equal risk of being exploited financially by an overwhelmed caretaker. They might misuse the elder’s credit cards or checkbooks, steal cash or household goods, forge the signature for illegal reasons and commit identity theft.

Abuse from other residents- Due to lack of concern or inadequate staff, the residents of the elderly home can often cause physical injuries to others in the vicinity.

Casual approach from staff If there has been an instance of elderly abuse in the past and the staff has made no changes, you should report this to a personal injury lawyer or the state authorities. It is likely that the problem will aggravate and you should get legal help to avoid other complexities.

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