Who is Larry Berman ETF?

The long and short of it is, Larry Berman is a guy who knows all too well what he is talking about. He is not some fly-by-night person pontificating as an expert, he is an expert.

He is an expert and thousands of us have followed him judiciously since 1999.

What Does Larry Do?

Larry Berman is an investment guru. First question, what makes a “guru” a “guru?”

What Is a Guru?

Wikipedia defines a guru as “an influential teacher or popular expert,” and that certainly describes Larry Berman to a “T”. He is an influential teacher, and he certainly is a popular expert.

Larry Berman and Teaching

Larry Berman ETF, began imparting investment advice following the formation of ETF Capital Management, a Canadian Company that he and his partners started in 1999. The mission has remained stalwart, to educate investors, and develop portfolio strategies that empower people to be able to make financial decisions, recognizing that emotional responses can play a huge role in how investors look at, and react to the markets.

Through ETF Capital Management, Larry Berman ETF wants to help investors achieve peace of mind, by acting upon strategic advice and knowledge, and not by following the crowd. As Larry Berman ETF says, “people may be rushing to sell, or to buy. Does one follow the herd mentality and hope that everything turns out, or do they want to be educated in a way that allows them to make strategic investment decisions?”

He wants people to be able to make strategic decisions, and that is where Larry Berman ETF comes in with his teaching, and providing free seminars with the goal of reaching as many people as possible.

Larry Berman ETF, takes as he describes, his “fiduciary responsibility to his clients” very seriously and sees a large part of his responsibility to providing Canadians with the tools to manage investment portfolios judiciously.

Larry Berman, The Very Popular Expert

Beginning in 1999, Larry Berman ETF started a television program on the Business News Network (BNN) called, “Berman Call” The Program is still running, more than 15 years later, with 1000’s turning in weekly to hear the advice from one of Canada’s leading technical financial experts.

Larry Berman ETF does not just profess to be an expert; he is an expert. His success with Berman Call is just a snapshot of the popularity of his advice and guidance he has provided, not only on the Program, but also across the country in his seminars

Larry resonates with people, and appreciates and understands the emotional side of investing. This is not just a job with Larry; this is his passion. His passion for helping improve overall investment knowledge, and to help with a better understanding of the technical matrices that makes up the movement in the marketplace.

Close the Show

The markets may go up, and they may go down. No one knows for sure, but with Larry Berman ETF on your side, you will be better prepared to face the music of the wins, and hopefully limit the sour notes of any losses.

Let Larry Berman ETF show you how. Watch him weekly on BNN, each Monday at 11:00 am, or visit his website at www.etfcm.com to learn when his next free seminar may be in your neighbourhood.