100k Factory Review

It can be said that technology is a driving force in today’s fast paced society. It can be clearly highlighted in a number of businesses as a fundamental aspect of operations, this can be noticed form the share amount of computers that are associated with companies and way in which they partly help run the business. Following this, Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton have created a method which embodies the ideology stated above. For $2,497 users can be apart of the 100k factory program which enables and allows regular people to make money online.From Jeff Lenney’s review i can understand that students, with no experience have been able to use this program effectively and have been successful enough to earn $700 a day.
The program in question allows users to earn money via a method of utilizing internet traffic in order to give you the best chance of succeeding in your business. This is an effective technique as users who have a selling point to the website can also become an affiliate through top named sites like Amazon. This is yet again another great feature of the 100k factory program and is also mentioned in Jeff Lenney’s review, in my opinion this just reinforces the potential of Aidan and Steve’s creation as one can clearly come to terms with the fact of an increased level of traffic which would be evident when using such sites as Amazon. Referring back to Jeff Lenney’s review, there’s evidence to suggest that users who create websites via the 100K program will also have the opportunity to monetize there websites and earn money via methods such as ad sense. This particular type of earning also proved to be effective as Jeff Lenney’s review incorporates a video interview with one of the creators of the program, who talks about students using this method and earning 20K a month.